Practical Malware Analysis

By - Alfreda Dudley
Category - Unassigned
Publisher - Rupa Publication
ISBN 10 - 1593272901
ISBN 13 - 9781593272906
Book Status - 1 Qnty Available with us.
Tags - Malware
Shelf No - 2
Book Info
Introduces tools and techniques for analyzing and debugging malicious software, discussing how to set up a safe virtual environment, overcome malware tricks, and use five of the most popular packers.

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Everything from here is the part of the DOC

All the information required for getting startup and running is given below.Everything is arrange in a stepswise manner for easy understanding of the working of this website

Technologies Used To Build This Site

  • 1) Require 7.3>= PHP version
  • 2) Laravel
  • 3) Livewire & Jquery

If you are a basic user and want to deploy this on your hosting please check all the working of the website and see if it fits your need, all the functionality is working and will be as it is when you download the source code, after the payment. Things you get after the purchase are Source Code & Portable Source Code. Both you can download and use. More info can be found in the docs.

Can this be used in a wordpress site ?

If you want it to work on ur wordpress site , there is no issue you can install this in a subdomain Show Steps which u can create easily on ur cpanel and then you can link it in the menu section of your wordpress.This way you can have this running parallely along side ur already running site. if you have any pre purchase doubt you can drop me a mail : [email protected]
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Any adjustment or changes if you require from us will be chargeable.Per modification starts @ $20/- depending on the complexity the charges will increase. Mail us your modification requirement to know the accurate charges [email protected]

This one is build on php mvc [laravel] for professional use , If you are looking for a wordpress code then you can visit : That is a light weight code with minimal functionality. Computer Grad Student also can show that as a college project since its build on plain php with few basic wordpress code & angular js [no custom post is used] you will be able to understand it and showcase it. Docs for BlackBook could be a bit olders since few functioanlty were added after docs were made Here is the BlackBook Link for Wordpress LMS : Download We have dropped the support for the wordpress version since that was writen long back on php 5.6

Basic Preview

There are many feature all details you can find in the below docs.

Modules ScreenShots

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  1. User Can Checkout
  2. Barcoding Checkout [Do check with your barcode reader by trying it.Read docs on issusing of books to learn more]
  3. Auto Book Info Fetching via ISBN/ASIN [ASIN will work if you have amazon affliate account]
  4. Report's
  5. 1 years hastle free updates.
  6. User Self Registeration
  7. Notes management for teacher role
  8. Role/Permission Management [In short you can control who can see and do what in the system]
  9. Multi Language Support [4 language support out of the box. You can find in setting page and try it.]
  10. Paypal Fine Collection
  11. Smart Classification & Smart Seaching For FrontEnd

Read on all above given topics in the docs section. And try it direclyt By Clicking on Try Now button. NO SIGNUP REQUIRED.

How to download?

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Chandra Sharma
1 Week Ago

I really loved your work .If you can help me in integrating a payumoney gateway for students who have delayed the return of books.That would complete my requirement.Anyway i will try myself if would not be able to do …I would need your help man. Will pay for it

Billy Crystal
2 Week Ago

I have mailed you about an issue that i am facing.Its running slow on my localhost.if you could check it would be helpful or you could send me the instruction on my e-mail ([email protected]).You ticketing system is not working at the moment. Thanks in advance

2 Week Ago

You can open tickets now sir & i have mailed you the details

Hitesh sharma
1 Week Ago

Awesome system with great support. I would recommend to everyone.

1 Week Ago

Thanks Hitesh

Satish Kumar
3 Week Ago

I have not received the source code yet. I have made a payment yesterday on paypal. Kindly reply

3 Week Ago

Hello Satish , When you made the payment your would have gotten email and password in receipt , that you can use to login into the system and download the code don't forget the purchase code , you would be needing it to activate your license.Until you haven't changed the password then you login is ur email and password is the first part of your email

Stefen Thomas
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I can’t able to make payment .could you help me with it? I am an indian user, paypal is not working

5 Week Ago

Yup our payment gateway was down temporarily . We are fixing the ccavenue system

Abdul Rashid
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Can you add pay via credit card also in paypal? Our school don’t have paypal account.

Ali Kazmi
6 Week Ago

I need help to add some functionality to the system. i am a newbie in php. Would you help if i payed for the the source code

6 Week Ago

Kindly send us the requirement and we would look into it.

Robin Terry
4 Week Ago

Can i integrate this code in my school WordPress theme.?

4 Week Ago

Nope you would have to create a subdomain and then add the code into it.

Ravi Shastri
7 Week Ago

This is the second time i am getting an LMS source code. 1st one was from codecanyon $50 totally wasted money then i came across this one .This one seems to have better design & filled with features as compare to my previous purchase but this one was a a good deal & by the way the installation was simpler than i imagined. The documentation is mind blowing, i am happy that i got this one as most of the website is user & mobile friendly as requested by my client. Thanks again Mrs. Johnson

7 Week Ago

Thank you sir. we appreciate your feedback.

1 Week Ago

i need a different contact & about us page as well as i want to go online with this website i have bought domain name from godaddy can u help us with it . Let us know the customization charges i am very new in programming & stuffs.Thanks

1 Week Ago

No problem Send me the godaddy details on [email protected] Let me know if you have the hosting account as well if not then we will be needing one.

Prithvi Chavan
6 Week Ago

I need a barcode reader feature if you could include it in the code & also a function to sync data in lan network as well as on our website (like online & offline data ) that would make this product complete & i would buy it after those features are implemented

6 Week Ago

Hii Prithvi, Barcode feature is not a big deal as i don’t have the hardware to test it i couldn’t implement it but if you have you can try it ..there is a angular module for doing just this AngularJs Barcode Listener. To Sync data between your local mysql & online mysql you would be needing some cron script on your pc to sync the db ..You need to look into master(local) & slave(online) kind of relationship to deals with those situation and i think php is not the right tool for it.If you really need those features you would need to hire a developer from they would charge you somewhere around $8-$10 a hour but you can get your work done but before that have a look in codecanyon or some other source code selling website cause developing it would be costlier than a ready made product that would be my advice for you.Have a good day. -- A new update . we have added the barcode feature you can try to see if it works for your barcode

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Thanks for the regular updates that you keeps posting we are a small school in nigeria & couldn’t afford to hire developer but your website helped us a lot to manage our small library.

Gilbert Hutson
13 Week Ago

Can i use this offline ? as most of our institution has wifi enabled so can we use this on lan is my question ?

13 Week Ago

Yup you could use this offline in localhost and open a port on you pc (80) and set a vhost in apache give it some name that's it. make sure you allow port forwarding if on wifi and allow 80 full access in you firewall

Edward Sonnenblick
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Thanks bro for solving my server issue..

14 Week Ago

How can i pay from my debit card? i tried its not working

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You can try now, Our payment gateway was down